Thursday, November 14, 2013

Simple Suggestion # 186... Meet my friend, Mark

Mark A. Burch is one of the reasons that Simple Moodlings exists at all. I met Mark in 2007 at a workshop he led on Voluntary Simplicity and Nonviolence. It was a weekend that changed my life -- and it led to an amazing and valuable friendship.

Mark is a Voluntary Simplicity expert from Winnipeg, Manitoba. What that means is that he's a man who has thought deeply about life and figured things out. He's come to the conclusion that the complexity of consumer culture and its determination that we all buy, Buy, BUY is killing us and our planet. He experimented with living off-grid, but decided that there had to be a sustainable way to live within our urban settings. He's written several books about re-imagining our world in a way that builds a healthier way of life through simplicity, self-reliance, sharing, co-operation, and community. Retired from the University of Winnipeg, where he used to teach Voluntary Simplicity courses to young adults, he still leads many workshops and sessions on the topic.

Mark is my go-to guy when I have questions about living more simply and sustainably, simply because he's made the time to think everything through. He's also been a major support when I'm feeling overwhelmed by the bad news stories for our environment. His efforts have also introduced me to many others who are on the same journey into simplicity. It's an uphill battle, but it's only better with a friend like him.

My friend has come out with a new book that I intend to buy (it's not in the libraries yet, though I may donate my copy to my local library once I've read it...) because it's bound to inspire me to deepen my practice of Voluntary Simplicity (kind of like Hurricane Haiyan has underlined for me the necessity to have a smaller impact on our planet and thus not contribute to further superstorms...)

And so... I'd like to introduce you to my friend, Mark, via his two books. Stepping Lightly is a book I refer to frequently -- and I'm really looking forward to reading his latest, The Hidden Door. 

Meet my dear friend, Mark... and realize, as he does, that life and everything in it is a gift rather than something to which we are entitled...

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