Sunday, November 24, 2013

Balance on a Sunday

Today will be a day full of fun... the Saskatchewan Roughriders, my favourite team from the Canadian Football League, are playing in the Grey Cup final in their hometown (my birthplace) of Regina, Saskatchewan. My extended family and I will get together to watch the game on TV, but there are even more excited people in Rider Nation who will be watching the game live, including quite a few of my Saskatchewan cousins. Stay warm and cheer loudly, everybody! Go Riders! Green is the colour!

Here's a video (with a catchy tune) that gives you an idea of the kind of zaniness that the Rider Nation displays on game days. Toques may be required underneath those watermelon hats at Mosaic Stadium today (temp expected to be just below freezing) but then again, excitement and a few pocket flasks may be enough to keep people warm and happy!

And for those of you who could care less about Canadian football, here's something of a counterpoint to football excitement -- an extremely focused woman who gives an amazing demonstration of concentration and equilibrium. Today, I'm thinking about how we all need balance in our lives. Fun and excitement, relaxation and peace. Make both part of your Sunday, if you can. I find this video of Miyoko Shida's talents very calming. Thanks to my friend Mark for bringing it to my attention. Enjoy!

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