Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The #holyroodbenchproject - An update

One recent sunny morning, I decided to ride my bike around my neighbourhood to discover how the #holyroodbenchproject had turned out (click here for the original moodling on the subject). And I have to say it was a wonderful ride because of the anticipation I felt with every corner I turned. Coming across a bench I hadn't yet seen was like finding an unexpected present under the tree on Christmas morning. Thanks to all the wonderful woodworkers at SEESA, and to my neighbours who took responsibility for giving these benches homes -- and some creative paint jobs!

Let's start with the original bench, the one that 
spawned the idea for the #holyroodbenchproject.
Note the lovely curved armrests and the shape of the back pieces,
plus the message to indicate that anyone is welcome to sit:

Below is a bench in its original state,
awaiting a coat of paint or varnish...

Then there are the simple beauties, 
finished with lovely stains...

Some people gave a bit more thought to colour and design...

The bench above goes with a red-and-white themed flowerbed 
for Canada's 150th anniversary, I'm guessing...

I'm happy to see these bright colours above on display...
as I'm guessing members of our LGBTQ community might be...

Above, the butterflies are padded decals...
and there are a few benches below with well-designed messages...

Including the special bench above, which sits right outside 
the South East Edmonton Senior's Association building...

Above is a closeup of one that says 
"Break time -- enjoy the day from your friends at SEESA"
and the flamingo is having a wonderful vacation, 
visiting Alberta's golden prairies and snowy mountains...
or at least that's how I see it. See the ducks?

Below is a brilliant activity bench,
with a ziplock bag of chalk included.
Clearly the kids' choice!

But I think my heart's favourite is a bench purchased and painted 
by a neighbour for her neighbours down the street...
with piano keys for a piano teacher,
 and see the beloved pets in the trees?

The bench outside our house appears on my original moodling... and counting it plus all of these, I'm still a couple short of the 20 that were built for the #holyroodbenchproject. I know that the SEESA seniors have had quite a few extra orders, so if you would like a neighbourly bench of your own, they're now selling them for $100, a great deal. A friend of mine bought two, one for her boulevard and one for her children's school. 

If you have a bench that I missed in this moodling, let me know, and I'd be happy to come take its picture too. I've never ridden my entire neighbourhood on my bike before, and I found that tracking down benches made it even more enjoyable. And if you're looking for a walkable neighbourhood with big trees and shady benches for rest, come visit us in Holyrood.


  1. This made me tear up - seriously - I love this project too - and thanks to good neighbours like you who have embraced the idea and made a dream come true! Kim

  2. You're a poet, Kim! Thanks for starting it all!! :oD

  3. I am touched by all the benches! Its like a "treasure hunt" finding them all when we go out walking!

    1. And it's so great for walkers to have nice places to sit! It's fun to see their reactions to the bench in front of our house...

  4. There's a bench in front of 9235 81 St with 150 red maple leaves.

    1. Thanks! I'll be sure to visit it soon and add it to this story!


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