Music is very important to our family. We like to make it ourselves. Here are a couple of songs we've videoed, partly for your enjoyment, but mostly for ours!

Joan MacIsaac was a wonderful folk singer on the Edmonton scene during my teen years. I Hover Over Your Left Shoulder is a favourite tune of mine that I've sung for many friends over time, so sometimes I sign my letters or emails with that line. Buddy the Budgie steals the show in this one -- see for yourself!

Here's a link to my moodling about Saskatoon Moon, a Connie Kaldor song (from her wonderful Wood River album) that brings me fond Saskatoon memories. My daughter sings so sweetly, don't you think?

And here's another Joan MacIsaac song called The Man Who Does the News. She had a great sense of humour!

And last, but not least, my favourite Joan MacIsaac song of all, When I Can't Play, I'll Sing. A great philosophy for life...