Tuesday, November 12, 2013

God's good morning show

If you've been following these moodlings for any length of time, you'll know that I'm a fan of "ordinary miracles" and natural beauty. My sisters still like to tease me about my enthusiasm for beauty from the time when I was in my teens, and there was a fiery sunset to the west. "The sky is on fire," I exclaimed...

I can't help it -- it's always been in my nature. And I'm glad that it is, because when mornings like this one appear, I feel rich in ways that money cannot buy. Look at the gold in this sunrise!

True, it won't buy me a mansion, but who really needs a mansion? And God is always giving out free riches like these in better morning shows than you can find on TV. Not nearly as depressing as the morning news, that's for sure...

But I'm not advocating ignoring the morning news, either -- today the people suffering the effects of Hurricane Haiyan are very much on my mind. They can use our help and prayers this week. It's time to donate to an agency that can help. It's past time to cut down further on our use of fossil fuels that feed global climate change and cause superstorms. And a little prayer can't hurt, so here's my prayer. Perhaps you can pray it with me:

O God, 
we know that you have no hands or feet on earth but ours. 
Help us to use the strength and resources 
you have given us
to reach out to those in great need.
Show us how we can help to lift their burdens
and help them back to the abundant life
you offer to each one of us.
Direct our time, talents and treasure
according to your will.
Bless the people who are suffering because of Hurricane Haiyan,
and, through us, 
touch everyone who needs your tender care this day.


10:30 a.m.  A co-worker and friend at L'Arche is from the Philippines, and has lost a cousin and her cousin's husband to Superstorm Haiyan. The couple's three year old son is missing... please pray with me for them, for little Tarin, and for all who grieve...

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