Thursday, November 21, 2013

Simple Suggestion #187... Take your travel mug

Sometimes I wonder if some people think of their paper coffee cups as a status symbol -- like it somehow makes them feel "cooler than average" to walk around carrying a brand-name cup of java. More than likely, they just don't think about doing things differently. But MetroVancouver has created a wonderful little video to point out the wastefulness inherent in those convenient, single use cups... Thanks to Laura H. for bringing it to my attention!

This week's challenge?? Make it a personal rule that if you want a coffee-shop cup of coffee, it has to be in a reusable (or travel) mug... every time. Enjoy your joe while thumbing your nose at waste and intentionally depriving the landfill!

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  1. maria-
    i continue to LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog

    great post

    aka: lady with the reusable dishes in her purse! ;)

    1. Thanks, Su! I really should get onto Twitter and follow redworm_mama too... I'm sure you'd be giving me lots of fodder for moodling!

    2. yes- come on over! such a great community.


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