Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Why we can't grow albino beans

Remember my moodling about the little albino bean last week? Well, here's my update, sooner than I'd hoped.

It seems that albino fava beans are, as my kids say, "not a thing." Lacking chlorophyll, they can't photosynthesize the necessary energy from the sun to flourish and reproduce. So the plant that you see in the picture to the right was pretty much at its peak. Since then, all the plants around it have grown taller and thicker in the stems, but this one stopped growing, its leaves are looking burnt, and my little curiosity of a plant is not going to last much longer.
I can't recall whether the bean I planted looked different from all the other beans I pressed into the soil that day. It would be interesting to grow a whole garden box of white bean plants if their survival were possible. I wonder why albino beans grow at all if they live for such a short time, but I guess there are lots of other things and people that only live for short periods before they die, and we have to trust that the Creator who makes everything knows why. All I know is that I took some delight and interest in this one little plant as it came up, and I'm sorry to see it go.

Have you ever grown an interesting plant quite by accident? I'd love to hear about it if you feel like leaving a comment.


  1. I was just passing by and had to leave a comment. I've never heard of albino beans - interesting! I don't think I've ever grown anything that interesting. But I wonder how many people miss things like that because they don't take time to observe and appreciate what's around them.

    1. Thanks for this, Leigh. Your blogs are lovely!


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