Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Winter Psalm on a Sunday

It started to snow yesterday afternoon, a bit earlier than forecasted, and this morning the world is a different place. But I don't mind -- the garden has been put to bed and the produce put away, and I'm ready for some quieter winter evenings ahead, when I can actually read some books!

Today I remembered one of my favourite prayer books by Edward Hays, called Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim (1989, Forest of Peace Books) and looked into it for its winter psalms. Here are some tidbits from "A Winter Wonderland Psalm" (p. 124) for your enjoyment. I'm going to be praying some other winter psalms this week, I think...

...Be still, my soul, like a winter landscape
     which is wrapped in the white prayer shawl
     of silent snow fringed with icy threads....
Be still, my gypsy mind,
     from your whirling like a perpetual gyroscope,
     constantly restless, ever on the move....
Be still, my being,
     so that, like Lewis Carroll's Alice,
     you may, with grace, find the tiny, hidden doorway
     that leads to Wonderland.
Be still so that you can discover slowly, day by day,
     that God and you are one,
     to know in that Wonder-of-Wonderlands
     who you really are.

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