Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Simple Suggestion #177... Trade

In the spring, I grew more tomato plants
than I needed... so I gave some to Nicola,
who wanted to pay me for them... 
but knowing that our little apple tree probably wouldn't produce
enough apples for pies this year, 
I asked if she had any... 
and she dropped them off on Saturday night.

Sunday was pear day. 
We picked at least 54 gallons from one tree
(a few gallons have disappeared thanks to friends).

Sunday afternoon, I took a walk to the French Lady's house, 
and gave her some, as promised, for our échange fruits.

Then I walked to Ralph and Lydia's house. 
I have been admiring the fruit on their plum tree for weeks.
Lydia invited me in for a glass of orange juice and a visit, 
and Ralph gave me these beauties in exchange for another pail of our pears.

He says he'll give me some grape shoots in the spring, 
a trade for a graft from our pear tree.

Trading things is a great way to get things we otherwise wouldn't have
without taxing the planet through consumerism and materialism.
It can also have the added benefit of reducing our waste stream, 
and it puts us in touch with others in our communities,
building relationships and networks of friends.
And there are so many things and services we can trade! 
Right now I'd like to figure out a trade of some sort
in exchange for someone's tree pruning talents. 
I'm sure we could come up with something good...

I love the idea of trade, barter, and straight-out share.

Not to mention plum jam, 
snacks for my family, 
and apple pies!

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