Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Funny what a person does in panic mode. This morning, Shadow puppy and I were out for our usual pleasant morning walk when suddenly a dog that looks like a Treeing Tennessee Brindle (I'm guessing at the breed from Google images) appeared out of nowhere and went after Shadow. He ran behind me, in terror, yelping and squalling to get away from the bigger dog, who, like your typical bully, became more aggressive as soon as his victim showed fear. As is so often the case in moments like that, I don't know exactly how I ended up on my knees on the sidewalk, scrabbling to keep the two apart and trying to grab the pup. I finally got a hold of him and yelled at the Brindle,


As if it would answer me.

It disappeared again, retreating behind a broken fence. It took me a moment to spot the dog where it stood, watching from what had to be its owner's yard. The owner's home was rather run down, and the fence was half snow fence and half wood, with several broken boards. The dog clearly knew it should be within the fence, but curiosity or something else (possum-treeing instinct?) had made it come check out my little pooch. Holding Shadow, I walked up the front sidewalk, ready to ring the doorbell and ask the owner to repair the fence so no one else's dog would be attacked, but the dogs (there were two, it turned out, the second much scarier-looking than the first) started a ruckus. Whoever was inside the house pounded on the window closest to them... and I had second thoughts about confronting anyone. Better not to get into an argument with a person who lives in a sketchy-looking house. Besides, there was no doorbell that I could find.

Maybe it would be better to let the bylaw people take care of this one, I was thinking.

I carried Shadow away from there, and when I set him down a half-block later, he was fine, back to his happy little self, sniffing every spot on the sidewalk. Me? I was shaking... and still haven't stopped. We went home, and as I cleaned up my scraped knees, I called the City and filed a complaint against the homeowner that the 311 operator promised will be acted upon in short order...

We will avoid that street for the next little while. Sad, because it's one of my favourite routes, a nice, treed lane.

A cop out, perhaps, but it's just that kind of day. Time for a soothing cup of tea.

1 p.m. A nice young peace officer was just here to take my statement before heading over to speak to the homeowner about repairing his fence. He's guessing the other dog might be a mastiff, from my description. I'm just glad both dogs didn't come after Shadow. Anyway, all shall be well again, I hope...


  1. Oh No! That sounds scary. I detest people who don't properly restrain their dogs, especially when they act like jerks. I don't think you copped out. From the sounds of it, you made a smart decision.

    1. Now that I think about it, it was scary. I'm glad Mr. Bylaw officer was able to get the guy to fix his fence, sort of. Still, it sort of spoiled my fearlessness when it comes to allowing Shadow to greet other dogs...


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