Friday, September 6, 2013

A prayer for Syria

Consider this my Sunday moodling, posted two days early. This weekend we will be praying for peace in Syria at A Taste of Taize Prayer on Sunday, 7 p.m. at Assumption Catholic Church, 9040 95 Avenue, Edmonton.

I have been praying for Syria for quite a while, as I have two friends in L'Arche who are from that beautiful but embattled country, and who are very worried about friends and family that they haven't heard from for too long. Cell phones don't work when there is no power grid... or when everything is left behind in an attempt to flee the country. Those who stay likely don't have enough with regards to food and shelter. It is a dire situation for far too many, and the dangers are constant.

Please consider adding your voice to ours as we ask God for a better solution to the conflict than more aggression. Everyone is welcome -- bring a friend or two with you if you can.

O God,
source of faithfulness and truth,
guide your people
in the ways of love and justice.
Open our hearts and help us
to work and pray together
so that oppression and poverty are eliminated, 
and so that people of all faiths
have enough of what they need
to live in harmony and joy.
Bless, especially, the people of Syria,
and bring them peace.

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