Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's a dog's life

Shadow the puppy and I have been walking the girls to the bus in the mornings for the past two days. This morning I was still in my pajamas when they left a little earlier than usual, and he went ballistic, whimpering and whining as if he'd lost his best friends.

He clearly needed a walk, so I dressed and took him out a few minutes later than usual. He proceeded to yank me all the way to the bus stop, and, amazingly, the girls were still there. So he got his loving from them, and then away he went, on for the rest of our walk. I guess he's determined to play his part in their morning routine. The rest of the day, he lounges around near the back door, waiting for them to return.

On warm days like today, with plenty of harvest to put away, a messy desk to clean, and preparations to make for company coming, it would be nice to be in his place.

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