Thursday, September 26, 2013

Simple Suggestion # 178... Hold hands

At work the other day, I caught a glimpse of Thomas and Harry walking down the hallway, Harry mumbling away in his usual fashion, and Thomas with his head bent towards his friend, holding his hand and listening to what Harry was saying. It touched me to watch them meandering along, a tall ungainly man and a short, somewhat unsteady one. I marveled at the beauty of that simple gesture of holding some one's hand.

When my children were small, I loved to feel little hands slide into mine, but those days are almost past as my youngest rarely thinks to hold my hand anymore, and my older girls haven't for years. In the last few years with my dizziness issues, I've spent a lot more time holding the hands of people with whom I walk. The comfort of a steady presence isn't something we're often aware of when we're young and strong, but my vertigo (worse again in these busy harvest days) has made me more appreciative of the simplicity of having a hand to hold when life gets a little topsy-turvy.

So, this week's mission? Find a hand to hold, if only for a few minutes. You might not need that kind of support, but maybe you have a friend who will appreciate knowing that you're there for them, just to listen, just to care.

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