Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fruitfulness encore

I didn't make it back to the French-lady-with-the-plums' house last night, so the dog and I went this morning. She was in her back yard, and was delighted to see me. She told me I should have brought un plus grand panier instead of my little icecream pail, and invited me to pick from her tree.

It took me a minute to figure out how to turn off her sprinkler, which had made the tree very wet. I was dripping by the time I had a pail full of plums fantastiques, but oh, it was worth it! I thanked her again, promising to bring her a pailful of pears la prochaine semaine, when they are ripe. After trying to explain about one of her other trees, she brought me four little Mirabelles, as she called them -- tiny, very sweet golden plums, and wished me une bonne journée.

The fruitfulness of autumn can sometimes lead to fruitful friendships. Don't you just love it??

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