Thursday, September 19, 2013

Frost (ouch)

Yesterday was a very busy day. Walking the dog, connecting with a fine young L'Arche assistant while making pear muffins and otherwise dealing with pears, running to work in the afternoon to prepare for a board meeting, dealing with pears again at home, making supper, taking minutes at the board meeting, and picking my daughter up from work at 9:45 p.m. My day at the zoo report. As I crawled under the covers, I thought, "I hope it doesn't freeze tonight." If I had been a truly dedicated gardener, I would have gone out to cover just in case, but I was exhausted, and am already paying for yesterday with a dizzy day today.

Turns out that, in my busyness, I missed the frost warming. This morning, I woke to the weather girl saying the frost warning had been lifted... but when I took the dog for his walk, there was icy dew everywhere. Darn it! So when we got home, I took one last picture of my sweet peas (before they thawed). Fortunately, most of the tomatoes have already ripened on the vine and been brought in, and there's enough foliage on Suzanna's pumpkin plants to have protected her 10 pumpkins. I guess I'll see what sort of wreckage there is everywhere else once it warms up.

The rest of the day? Dealing with pears... only 25 gallons to go!

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