Thursday, July 5, 2012

The sitting stone

Way back in December, we took a trip south to visit my parents-in-law, and collected a big white granite marker that had been in the farm yard that overlooks Cardston. Before Dad sold the land, he collected these chunks of granite in case his kids wanted souvenirs to remind them of the house where they grew up, so we brought one home, imagining it might look nice in our front yard with all the flowers.

It took us a while, but on Saturday, we finally got around to situating it in the front yard, not far from the rhubarb, close to the brown-eyed susans and bee balm. That's when I discovered that it's a perfect sitting stone. Perched on its flat, Monarch, Alberta-quarried top, I can watch the bees to my heart's content, plan where the next perennials will go, or chat with my neighbour, Marge, as she and her dog, Missy, make their rounds.

I'll admit I was a bit skeptical about how a big, white, carved stone would look in the middle of a yard full of field stones (a few of which also came from the Cardston farm), but I love it! The picture to the left is a view from our sitting stone. Settled on it, it's not so hard to imagine I'm in a lovely little meadow with wildflowers, bees and birds for company. I can tell already that it will be one of my favourite spots. It will be my reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things in life.

You're welcome to come try out our sitting stone anytime!


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