Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beauty on a Sunday

A windsurfer on Waterton Lake

colourful pebbles flashing under the ripples

a pair of mule deer on the shore

a canoe trip across Cameron Lake

a few of the many waterfalls at the end of Cameron Lake

Tiger Swallowtails getting a drink

a surprise as we rounded a corner on our way home


more wildflowers 

and more wildflowers

Waterton Lake from the Bertha Lake trail

lower Bertha Falls

Bertha Lake

Waterton Lake has the best stone skipping anywhere...

the American end of the lake as seen from the International,
an 85 year old tour boat (in lovely condition)

These pictures are actually from Sunday to Thursday this past week, in Waterton National Park in the very southwest corner of Alberta. Needless to say, it was gorgeous. If you've never been to Waterton, one of the parks that makes up an International Peace Park along with Glacier National Park in the US, I'd highly recommend it. It's a little piece of heaven.


  1. Were you in your car when you saw the bear or on a trail? Eeek!

    I especially love the butterflies and the pebbles, so pretty.

    1. We were in the car when we found this bear, but there were also two (Mom and tot) about 50 ft below the Bertha Lake trail. Julia and I didn't see them, but the French couple coming up the shore trail assured us they were there!

  2. Ha ha as they quickly hurried down! Bears seem friendlier and safer from the car!


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