Thursday, July 19, 2012

Garden crazy, or... crazy garden!

While we were in the Southern regions of the province last week, our garden went crazy. A few thundershowers and a lot of heat, not to mention all the compost we added to the soil when we built our raised beds in the spring have made for the kind of jungle that we usually don't see until early August. I don't know what it will look like by then -- I might have to borrow a machete! I suspect it was a really good idea to get a second freezer two weeks ago... God willing, it will be a crazy busy harvest in the fall!

Here's the garden report for Thursday, July 19, 2012
(pictures taken Tuesday evening)...

Carrots, beets, kale and chard 
(with a few zinnias almost ready to bloom),

bush beans,

scarlet runner beans and spaghetti squash
climbing up sunflowers,
(this seems to be a successful "companion planting")

potatoes and lots of dill,

a tomato hedge (and lots of dill),

more tomatoes, cukes (and yes, lots of dill),

our first green pepper of the season,

our second bin of radishes
(so they don't get wormy in the ground),

and more salad fixings.

We've never had such great basil (bruschetta, here we come!) and other herbs, our onions, rutabaga, broad beans and strawberries are doing okay, pears are coming along (though a storm blew all the apple blossoms off our little tree), and we've already fried up our first crop of zucchini (at this rate I might be one of those neighbours who will have to leave zucchini orphans on neighbours' doorsteps). Everything looks fantastic... except for a couple of sick rhubarb plants. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the "H" word stays away, so we can give some produce to family, friends, and the food bank. As my homemade garden stepping stone says,

And, I would add, who have a little extra to share with others!


  1. Wowza. Fantastic pics. I wish I had your productivity. On second thought, I don't think I could keep up! Thanks for sharing.

    1. After three hours of tomato pruning, I'm not sure I can keep up, either!


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