Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Simple Suggestion #129... Start your own Amazing Club

Some years ago, a friend and I were taking a stroll and got into a conversation about all the amazing people in our lives. That's when I started my Amazing Club. Most of the people in the club don't even know they're members because we don't have meetings or planned events. The Amazing Club is simply a list of all the amazing people who have influenced my life:

My incredible parents
My marvelous sisters
My pioneer grandparents (I was blessed to know all four of them)
My godparents (Auntie Jo, Uncle Lefty, and Auntie Bernie)
The rest of my large extended family, aunts, uncles and cousins (I have 89 first cousins!)
The Dietrich family
Noreen and Elaine (Eileen)
My dearest and longest-standing friend, Cathy
Joan, Patricia, and Debbie, my friends through elementary school and junior high
Sue, Silvia, Susan, and Mina, my high school chums
Aldona, Butch and the kids
Mom Plumbtree
Karen at the U of A, and Eileen Conway, my favourite English prof
Karen, Stephen and Helene, with me at Camp He Ho Ha
Oliver, Philippe, Cathrin, Kathy, Junko, Rob, Karin, Guido, Lotta and Julie from my UWP year
Walter and Klara
Lee, the best husband ever!
Louis and Vivien, my in-laws... and their kids and spouses
Arthur, Jean S., Mike and Shirley, Jim M. and Elaine B., Pat and Maria L. from my Ponoka Days
Cursillo groupees...
Lucille, Bob and Louise from my time at Newman
Teresita, Faye and Shirleyan
Erik (the friend with whom I walked as the Amazing Club started... Belated Happy Birthday!)
Julien, whom I just recently rediscovered
Lee's cousins and friends (especially Claire and Peter)
My nieces and nephews
Phyllis and Kelsey
The Zukiwskys
Alan and Josie
Aaron and Angie
My children's choir (several of whom still lead the singing)
The Taize music group
Mary Anne and Jim, Ella and Mikayla
Back Alley Mary, and her neighbour, Ruby, now 101 years of age
Maybelle and Bob
Olga and her clan
Nora and her river city walkers
Mark Burch
Simplicity Circle friends
Mrs. Barr
Angie M.
Charleen, who is technically one of the Cursillo groupees, but deserves mention all on her own for her strength and courage -- and our Tuesday afternoons together
Pat and the wonderful L'Arche family...
My moodling friends

And this is just a partial list. As it's just the first time I've written it down, I'm sure I'll be adding more names to it as I remember people I've missed. If I've missed you, let me know -- I guarantee it wasn't intentional!

Starting an Amazing Club is a good exercise. Remembering all the special people who have made a positive difference in my life is a guaranteed feel-good activity. Try it yourself!

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