Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tomatoes galore! and my 5th Moodle-versary

Wouldn't this be a pretty Christmas wreath?
It's a banner year for tomatoes.
Ralph's Romas are bigger than ever,
the cherry tomatoes are oh-so-sweet,
and there are still too many out on the vine.
I've been working hard on pears this week,
and next week, tomatoes!

A few of Ralph's Romas
On another note, this is my 1001st moodling, 
and Simple Moodlings celebrates its 5th anniversary
on the 19th. It has racked up over 137,000 hits,
I've posted 239 Simple Suggestions, and participated in 
536 exchanges (comments) with readers.
 How does one celebrate something like that?
Maybe I'll have a piece of pear pie --
or a tomato sandwich!

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