Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A long autumn and a short fall?

It's that time of year when I keep my camera in my pocket every time I go for a walk. Just can't get enough of the golden trees and changing forest. The river reflects the sky, the trees on the banks reflect in the calm water, and really, the camera can't do nature justice, but I keep on trying...

It froze last night, a light frost, but still enough to kill squash and tomatoes. I had covered some things, but wouldn't you know it, the wind blew the sheets down. I was hoping to give my cherry tomatoes more time to ripen on the vine, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Fortunately, I picked all the squash and larger tomatoes I could yesterday afternoon, and what a haul it is. There's enough this year to be canning tomatoes to my heart's content (and my stomach's)!

We also have a few nice squashes and pumpkins 
for jack'o'lanterns and good eating.

Autumn doesn't officially arrive until 2:21 MST on September 23 (the wee hours of tomorrow) but it feels like it's already here. Our drought stressed trees seem to be dropping leaves early this year -- but of course, that could be my imagination and the fault of the winds we've been having these last few days. Autumn is only beginning, but the fall (of leaves) is happening in a hurry.

So enjoy the beauty while it lasts. And the bounty. This is the best time of year to visit farmers' markets -- and friends with too much produce!

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