Sunday, June 7, 2015

Being holy...

means simply being who you are, says James Martin, S.J.

It makes me think of people I know who might be frowned upon by the church for being who they are... many of whom were in the wonderful Pride Parade my kids attended on Whyte Avenue yesterday. It makes me think of Jimmy A., a kid I went to school with, who was always teased that he was gay because he was somewhat effeminate, and another girlfriend I've known for 35 years who just recently admitted to me that she is a lesbian and struggles with her sexuality because some churches, hers and mine in particular, have not been accepting of the spectrum of sexuality. She was afraid I might judge her harshly, too.

Sexuality is something that religion often seems to have seized upon in order to ignore the bigger issues. It's easier to condemn people for their sexuality than it is to live non-violence, forgiveness, simplicity of life, renunciation of wealth, care for the poor and marginalized, etc., etc. As a result, we have too many churches that have been slow to accept our homosexual brothers and sisters and those they love, leaving them on the margins.

But Jesus lived on the margins, hung out with the marginalized, and saw and loved people for who they were. Who they are.

Today I pray for my many LGBTQ friends and for my church -- that each may come to know and love and see the holy in the other.


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