Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Simple Suggestion #235... Be a positive example

We just never know when someone is watching us -- you could say that role modeling actually happens all the time, whether we realize it or not -- so, every action has the potential to be a positive or negative influence in the world.

Last week Shadow and I were walking through the park where my neighbour and I discovered the mess left by the folks who used the party poppers (click here to read that moodling), and who did we run into but the elderly gent who had helped with the clean up to the best of his ability. He was way down the park, and I could see that he had a plastic bag in hand and was stopping every so often to pick up things, likely trash that others had left behind. Part of me wanted to run to the nearest junior high and high school and bring kids back with me to witness the man's example and to encourage them to do the same all through their lives, well into their eighties, too.

There are endless ways to be a positive role model -- clean speech, kind words, a non-judgmental attitude in the face of judgment, a smile or greeting when passing someone on the street, not to mention simply living an exemplary life... When Jean Vanier invited two men with disabilities to share a home with him in 1964, he probably didn't realize that his simple decision would lead others to join him in creating a world wide community of homes where people with and without disabilities share life. Often, simple positive examples are the most powerful. Click here for a beautiful article written about Vanier's recent Templeton Prize, and how we can all underline the positive influences in the world around us. Or have a look at the video below:

Today's suggested challenge is to be mindful of the opportunities around us to make a positive difference in our lives and the lives of others. We never know who might notice and follow our lead...

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