Saturday, December 7, 2013

What -30 C (-22 F) with a ten degree windchill (-40 C or -40 F) looks like

For my readers from warmer climes -- 
this is what my computer is telling me 
about outside conditions this morning:

And here's the view from my front step.

This is warm compared to a few other places in Alberta, 
but even so, it's the kind of cold that stings your nose
when you breathe it, and makes you wish for warmth.
Everything feels cold and blue today; 
it's actually warmer in Cambridge Bay!
(Which is in Nunavut, latitude 69 or so. 
There it's only -23 with a -39 windchill -- 
but they're in their perpetually dark season 
with the sun living in Antarctica at the moment.)

Anyway, I think I'll stay home and bake cookies... 
except the dog needs a short walk, 
and a daughter needs a ride to a band rehearsal,
and another one needs a lift home from work,
and Lee might need some help with his greenhouse construction...
better put on my long underwear!!!

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