Sunday, December 15, 2013

N'kosi Sikelel'iAfrika

This Sunday, I'm praying for South Africa. Like everyone else, I've been watching the coverage of Nelson Mandela's passing, and I've been thinking about his life and the love he had for his country and its people. Years ago, I read his book, Long Walk to Freedom, and learned that he was a man who had every reason to want revenge and to be resentful. Instead, he absorbed the anger and division of his country and chose to live the meaning of reconciliation and renewal. I don't know his faith background at all, but I expect he was a man that would have walked very comfortably with someone like Jesus.

I was travelling North America and Europe with an international group of students that performed a musical show about peace and friendship during Mandela's last few years in prison... and this song in the Zulu language was always my favourite moment of our performance -- the harmonies and togetherness always filled me with happiness, and gave me goosebumps on occasion. I still know the words.

Nkosi Sikelel'i Afrika (God bless Africa) and God bless Nelson Mandela!

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