Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A special day for Persons with Disabilities

Today is a day I love to celebrate -- the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. If you know people with intellectual disabilities, chances are you've experienced first hand the way that they freely offer their affection and friendship, and unwittingly teach able-bodied people to respond to them with compassion and humility. You'll understand exactly why the Olivet Eagles helped Keith make his special play in the video below.

I also have a very special friend who has had a physical disability for a relatively short time -- and who has an amazing ability to draw people together, see the best in them, and find the positives in almost any situation. Charleen is a huge blessing in my life. She's the one who shared this video with me -- her email sharings are my favourites!

To all my friends and relatives with disabilities, thank you for the way you warm my heart with your hugs, smiles and friendship. My life would be less without you! Happy International Day of Persons with Disabilities... I celebrate you!

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