Friday, December 6, 2013

Simple Suggestion #141 (revisited)... Join a Simplicity Study Circle

Yippee! Here we go again! My Master Composter/Recycler friend, Super Su, also known as @redworm_mama on Twitter, has invited me to facilitate another set of Simplicity Study Circles starting in January. I love facilitating, because there's no better way to stay on the path of Voluntary Simplicity than sharing the journey with others.

A group of us will be meeting every two weeks in the new year to discuss different topics about how to live more with less, and I'm excited to meet new people and share information and learn new tricks for leaving a smaller footprint on our beautiful planet. I've been through the program five or six times now, but there's always something new to discover.

Interested in joining us for ten thought-provoking evenings of fun? Here are the details:

2014 simplicity study circles
come & see what it’s all about
first session: “exploring simplicity”
MONDAY   13JAN2014   7-9 pm
    abby road co-op 
10950 - 82 (whyte) avenue
(10 sessions for $35*, workbook included)
For more information, contact Maria K. 
(under view my complete profile 
on the side bar)
topics include:
·        simplicity & personal growth (27JAN14)
·        the best things in life (10FEB14)
·        simplicity: the first “R” (24FEB14)
·        simplicity & diet (10MAR14 )
·        time check-up: “ideal day” (24MAR14)
·        simplicity & community (14APR14)
·        money check-up & exploring definitions of "enough" (28APR14)
·        de-junking your life (12MAY14)
·        de-junking mind and heart (26MAY14)
open to ALL
facilitated by maria: master composter/recycler & practitioner of voluntary simplicity

*limited subsidies available - please inquire if you are interested

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