Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Simple Christmas idea #18 Take a Christmas stroll

A little exercise goes a long way...

This is one of my favourite times of year for an evening walk. Lee and I like cruising the neighbourhood on foot after supper while our girls are cleaning up the kitchen after my supper cooking spree (that's the deal -- I cook, they clean). The darkness, Christmas lights, and crisp evening air make for enjoyable strolls, and it's always nice to have a mug of something warm when we come back in (a little coffee with Irish Creme, maybe?) I suspect the fresh air also makes for better sleep when we do settle down for our long winter's naps... or maybe it's the Irish Creme?

Walking is a great way to destress from the busyness of December days -- and those exercise endorphins can't be beat. Consider inserting a stroll into Christmas Day between dinner and dessert. Making an after-supper walk into a regular routine that carries on into the New Year is a simple gift to ourselves that we can really feel good about!

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