Sunday, December 16, 2012

Simple Suggestion #16 -- Plan a few quiet evenings during the Christmas season

A little rest and relaxation helps...

This past week was a wild and crazy one for our family. Between Taize Prayer, meetings, school musical performances, some work-related shopping I had to do, and the arrival of The Hobbit in local movie theatres, we were out and running every single night. Tonight, we get to stay home, and we're planning to enjoy it!

A friend and I were lamenting this year-end frenzy that strikes during the darkest days of the year, days when it would be nice to curl up with a book, a blanket and a cup of something warm. Not that I dislike Christmas events and activities -- just that so often they get to be excessive, to the point that we're so tuckered out, we can't really enjoy another night out because it would be so nice to have a night "in", or alternately, when we get a few minutes break from feeling hectic and harried, we can't relax.

So today's Simple Christmas idea is just to have a quiet evening at home. Every couple of days. To keep our sense of sanity, sanctuary, and stability in the midst of the pre-Christmas rush. Make a drink of your choice, put on some music that you love, put your feet up, and enjoy!

On a completely different topic, after a year of listening to the prayers in the revised Roman Missal, I still can't stand them. I won't repeat my rant against the formalistic language here, but I will direct you to a website put up by some people who have given the topic considerably more thought and research than I have. Click here and you'll find a detailed explanation about why the new words don't work for many of us, and you'll also find a petition to sign if you agree with the article's writer(s). Unfortunately, I think the petition has already been presented to the CCCB, but I signed it anyway. It's the only place I've found where I can register my opinion, which is in agreement with the CNWE's explanation.

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