Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Simple Suggestion #182... Keep a list of your wallet/purse contents

So that "grateful moment" that I mentioned on Sunday? Well...

On Wednesday evening, I was heading for the library to pick up some books on hold when I realized that my wallet was missing. I'm not much for carrying a purse, so I was pretty certain I had it in my hoodie pocket as I left home that morning... but what had happened since? I took off my hoodie at work -- did it fall under the table? I ran for the bus twice -- did it jump out of my pocket?

There was no way of knowing until Thursday morning, when I went to work and looked for it there. I retraced my steps to the bus stops. I called Edmonton Transit's lost and found department. And I prayed.

Turns out, a fellow and his dog were out for a walk, and the dog found it. That's what my daughter was told when the man brought it to the door while I was out. There are more good people than bad in this world, and don't forget it! The money was gone, but the rest of the contents were there. I know this, because on March 15 2010, I made a list of items I keep in my wallet... a list that hasn't changed much since.

Living in Voluntary Simplicity, I try not to accumulate much (and avoid all promotional stuff), but unfortunately, there are a few things that it's hard to live without in our society, and my wallet is one of them. It's not a fancy wallet by any means, and I keep the bare minimum in it to ensure that if it is lost or stolen, I'm not missing too much. Keeping a list of its contents is one way of knowing where to start if it should disappear -- I have record of the important items (health care numbers, driver's licence details, etc.) and can do what's necessary to cancel or reapply for different items.

It only takes a few minutes to make a list that might help a person's peace of mind in the long run. Why not do it now?

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