Friday, February 22, 2013

Simple Suggestion #152... Use honey, Honey!

I've moodled on this at length before, but that was before I started my Simple Suggestions, and besides that, this is one idea that is worth repeating. Honey is a natural product that has more benefits for health and wellness than I have time to list here. Different things I've read suggest that it's high in anti-oxidants, it's antibacterial, it's an immune system booster, it heals burns and cuts and fights cancer somehow... really, the list is so incredible that I'm not sure how many of the claims I can actually believe.

But there's really something wonderful about the idea of bees converting flower nectar into food for themselves, and food for us, too. We've all heard enough about the evils of highly refined foods, so lately, I'm getting into baking with honey more and more -- my favourite bread recipe these days is a honey whole wheat loaf. Smells fantastic as it bakes!

And, though my family all laugh and roll their eyes at me for this one, honey is a great hair product! I first moodled about how to have healthy spiky hair this back in April of 2011, and it's actually one of my top five moodlings. Read it here, if you like. All those pomades and hair spiking goops on the shelves of our beauty salons and hair care aisles have nothing on honey -- put a little in your hair to spike it up, and you don't have to worry about parabens or other families of chemicals giving you cancer or other strange ailments. And when I rinse the honey out, my hair is so soft!

Being one who appreciates natural, organic solutions, I can't help but ask, with all the things honey has going for it, Honey, why not add a little to your life?

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Laeli said...

I wash my face with raw honey, take my maca with raw honey, heal my burns and cuts with raw honey...LOVE honey! I get a big bucket for 45 bucks from the city farmer's market.

Maria K. said...

Thanks, Laeli, that's the perfect testimonial!