Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pretty cool...

Here's a post especially for those who don't live in Canada... because if you do live in Canada, you've probably heard all about this by now. At the moment, Commander Chris Hadfield is floating around somewhere between 330 and 410 km from the earth's surface on the International Space Station. He's a pretty cool guy -- smarter than a whip and darn nice to boot, and he's making space interesting to a lot of young Canadians these days with his twitter posts and pictures of the earth from out there. If you haven't seen any of his pics, you can find them by clicking here. One thing's certain -- not many people get earth-views like these! There's a really great shot of Calgary among them -- Uncle Fred and Auntie Cam, I can almost see where you live!

Last week, Chris teamed up with the Barenaked Ladies and a choir from Wexford Collegiate School of the Arts in Scarborough, Ontario, to produce possibly the first earth/space music video of a song he wrote with the BNLs' Ed Robertson. It fills me with awe. Enjoy!

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