Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Carry on, carollers!

I'm always bothered by the fact that, once we reach Boxing Day, so many people consider Christmas to be over, when the season is just beginning! Yesterday, the only thing resembling a Christmas Carol on TV was a disposable diaper commercial that had the audacity to steal a line from Silent Night! We drove the five hours home from my in-laws' today, and couldn't find a carol on the radio anywhere. I guess people who frequent the malls and spend time in front of the TV are ready for Christmas to be over, but I'm not! I won't put Christmas to bed until Jesus is baptized on January 9th.

So, carry on, carollers! Here's a gorgeous Christmas song that's not so familiar in North America, sung by the Gloucester Cathedral Choir. Music by Gustav Holst, lyrics by Christina Rosetti. Enjoy!

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