Monday, November 2, 2015

When the saints (and souls) go marching in...

I love the first two days of November, these All Hallows days when we remember the saints, both capital and small S saints who have gone before us. I keep a personal Communion of Saints list that I refer to at this time of year, and 2015 has seen a few additions:

Anne K.
Cleonice S.
Cy F.
Ivan P.
Jean P.
Joe S.
Olga (Helena) G.

I also remember all the others on the list... and love to think about the "great cloud of witnesses" that include those who have been important in my life, and who have graced the human race with their goodness and light through the centuries...

Including the two gentlemen in the video below, who are having a wonderful time remembering all the musicians who are part of the heavenly choir. I hope someday we'll all join them in the great sing song/jam session in the beyond... Thanks to Ruthie for bringing this video to my attention. Enjoy!

And a big happy birthday to the love of my life, who was born on this day. He's simply the best!

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