Saturday, November 14, 2015

A prayer for Paris (and other places)

O God,
it's so hard to understand this.

The kind of hatred that would
motivate young people
to blow themselves up outside soccer games
or shoot fans at a rock concert or restaurant
is not something we experience
on a daily basis.
Yet it seems there are many who do.

How do we reach them?
How can their angry hearts
be transformed into loving hearts?
How must we be different
so that the anger and violence in them melts away?

Bless all those who mourn,
and those impacted
by the trauma of shootings and bombings
and violent events the world over.

We grieve with them,
and we pray that you will show us all
how steadfast love and faithfulness can meet
and where righteousness and peace
can kiss each other in justice and truth
in all the situations like these.

Even more basically, show us how
it is not
them vs. us
us vs. them,
but that we are all one family,
your children.

Free us from our fears,
keep us open to those in need,
and help us to do your will.


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