Thursday, July 30, 2015

Simple Suggestion #238... Save some local fruit

We're reaching the end of raspberry season... so I'm washing and freezing the last few. Saving local fruit is so much better than paying outrageous amounts of money for berries that contribute to global climate change by being trucked in from who-knows-where. (I looked -- $5.49 for 2 cups of frozen strawberries at my local grocery store, product of USA.) At the moment, my freezer also holds organic backyard strawberries, some of Auntie Cathy's Saskatoon berries, and a pail full of Evans cherries from my sisters' tree. My smoothies will be wonderful this winter! Or maybe I'll bake some kuchen...

There are lots of ways to save fruit -- jams and preserves, baking and freezing. Food that's local costs our planet (and often, our pockets) far less than anything that's imported. No carbon emissions, and less packaging! What kind of fruit do you save, and how do you save it? If you have a favourite recipe you feel like sharing, I'd love to hear from you!

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