Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A walk across the Coyote Bridge

Shadow-dog and I have been walking Suzanna to work lately. We've discovered a 45 minute route through quiet neighbourhoods and ravines that takes us by way of the Coyote Bridge. I call it that because two winters ago, I was walking alone through the park toward the bridge and found a coyote watching me from a distance. I felt quite unnerved by its steady gaze, but my blood sugars were low and going around the ravine was out of the question. I pushed ahead, and the animal disappeared into the bushes, but I had to sing loudly until I got through the ravine and across the bridge, just to keep up my courage! I didn't see the coyote again, but it felt like I was being watched...

Friends of ours live near the Coyote Bridge and had wildlife officers visit to tell them to keep an eye out for a coyote and her pups, whose den was just down the ravine outside their backyard fence at the time. I suspect the one who was watching me that day last January was one of those pups all grown up.

Anyway, the Coyote Bridge is a gorgeous spot, a tiny example of the glory of God's creation (which I'm thinking a lot about as I finish reading Pope Francis' encyclical on Care for Our Common Home). There's just a small trickle of creek in a bed which is often dry unless it's been raining. Except for the traffic noise that comes from Gretzky Drive, I'd think I was walking an old wilderness trail. A coyote path.

Today's 15 minute post is my way of remembering this summer, and my walks to work with Suzanna. Precious time, in gorgeous surroundings.

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