Sunday, July 12, 2015

One week later

One week ago, I was saying goodbye to my husband, who was about to be flown to the cardiac care unit in Edmonton with a suspected heart attack. I was gathering my two oldest girls, and we were trying to get our heads around how to pack up the tent trailer and get back to Edmonton ourselves. And I was praying hard, please let him be okay.

One week later, after a couple of days in the CCU with the families of people who really did have cardiac issues, I find myself praying for heart patients and their families, for doctors, nurses, and counsellors who care for them, and especially for the woman who passed me in the hallway, sobbing her heart out.

Bless all those who need your blessing today, my God, especially those whose hearts are frail or afraid. Help them to know that you are close to them through the care of those around them. And bless our healthcare professionals and give them patience and peace enough to pass along to those who most need it.


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