Thursday, May 21, 2015

Those gorgeous trees

These days, walks with Shadow are getting longer and longer, as we go from stunningly beautiful tree to astoundingly gorgeous tree, marveling at beauty. Our city had some brilliant planners when it came to our parks, and blossoms abound. I feel so lucky to have been born at this time of year because the trees are a love letter from God, made to order for me (and everyone else). Richard Rohr summed it up perfectly in an email today, talking about Saints Francis and Clare:
Francis and Clare knew that the love God has for each soul is unique and made to order, which is why any "saved" person always feels beloved, chosen and even "God's favorite" like so many in the Bible. Divine intimacy is always and precisely particular and made to order -- and thus, "intimate."
This time of year, we can all feel intimately loved because God fills the world with beauty!

Look for God's loveletters in your neighbourhood, 
and hear her and his lovesongs via your local songbirds!

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