Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Simple Suggestion #137... Learn more about Voluntary Simplicity

Stepping Lightly
When it comes to explaining Voluntary Simplicity to people, I often find myself tongue-tied just because there's so much to say! You would think that the idea of living simply would be easy to explain, but as it touches every corner of our lives, it takes some doing. It probably shouldn't really need explaining except we're so used to living in a complicated world that half the time we need someone to point out how ridiculously complex everything has become -- to our detriment!

So today's suggestion is one that can open up whole new worlds in us -- spaces where we realize that everything in our lives can be worked so that we live more lightly on the planet and help the earth and ourselves to become happier and healthier in the process. And there are many ways to learn more -- in our libraries and online.

Mark Burch, my Voluntary Simplicity expert/friend in Winnipeg, recently published some of his work through a website called The Simplicity Collective in Australia. It's a pretty neat website, and the material there is free, and paperless! If you'd rather have writings on simplicity in "hardcopy" without running the risk of cluttering shelves, libraries and interlibrary loans are a good way to go. Or if you're looking to own a reference copy of a good book like the one pictured above, Abebooks is a wonderful, online, secondhand bookstore.

In looking at The Simplicity Collective's Website, I realize that there's so much more I could be doing with Simple Moodlings as far as directing people to great Simplicity resources, but life is full enough without my spending more hours at the computer. So I'll add the Simplicity Collective to my sidebar, too, and call it good, as I have plenty of good garden resources that still need to be harvested and preserved over the next few weeks. Now, off to the beet patch...

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  1. Hello Maria. I have recently discovered your blog and just want to thank you for your daily moodlings. I thnk they're really great! I appreciate your helpful tips on simplifying life and I enjoy your stories of family and friends. Keep up the great work!

    A new fan in Cold Lake, Alberta.

  2. Thank you, my new friend! You're always welcome here!


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