Friday, September 21, 2012

Too funny

Last night at supper time, I went out looking for zucchini, afraid I wouldn't find much because I thought I had picked and processed it all on Saturday. But if you've ever grown zucchini plural, you know they're pretty good at camouflaging themselves. I expected little guys like the one on top, but I found two others, too. Good thing! They're already 38 cm (15 inches) long. Leave them much longer, and they'll work as caveman clubs for Hallowe'en costumes!

But what really made me laugh was another hiding vegetable.

After lamenting much of the summer that my pumpkins weren't producing,
I found this one hidden under an overrun day lily and laughed out loud!

Speaking of Hallowe'een costumes, 
perhaps my youngest daughter could
dress as a pumpkinhead this year!

Happy Autumn!

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