Tuesday, August 21, 2012

When you don't have matches... do like the farmer

Who would ever even think about lighting the candles on a birthday cake with a blowtorch? My old farm friend (who is the same age as me) Aaron, that's who. He's now a city boy. We had supper with him and Angie, his lovely wife, on Sunday evening... and when it came time to light my mom's birthday candles, Aaron disappeared to find some matches, and returned with a blowtorch because matches were nowhere to be found. I must say that he was quite skillful with the torch... but the candles were quite a bit shorter than usual by the time we dished out the cake. At least the marshmallows weren't roasted...

If you're looking for a simple, cute way to decorate a cake, here's one that my sister shared with me. Ice the cake as usual, then cut marshmallows diagonally, press the cut edge into coloured sugar, and set them up on their bottoms to form flowers. See how pretty?

There's one more birthday to celebrate this week. Our middle girl turns sweet 16 tomorrow! And she is very sweet!

Speaking of farmers, today I feel like one! Here's a picture of the garden produce I picked this morning, and Chloe, our neighbourhood cat girl. I should take a few cukes with me to a Voluntary Simplicity presentation I'm giving tonight. More about that tomorrow...

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