Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Old Strathcona Streetcar

On Saturday, with our eldest daughter at the Edmonton Folk Festival, the rest of us decided to take a little staycation on the Old Stratchona Streetcar, run by the wonderful fellows of the Edmonton Radial Rail Society (ERRS). The streetcar runs from between the Farmer's Market and the Cosmopolitan Music Society's Headquarters on 103rd Street (at about 84th Ave, just north of Whyte)

all the way to Jasper Avenue. We caught the three o'clock car, and enjoyed a sunny ride across the High Level Bridge with a bunch of international students from the U of A. The conductor gave a little spiel on the history of the tram, and the views from the High Level Bridge were great:

With the Night of the Living Fringe revving up this Thursday, click here for the streetcar schedule if you're interested in hitching a $5 ride to one of the better views in the city. Enjoy your ride, and happy Fringing if that's in your plans!


  1. I feel silly admitting I've never ridden the street car yet..but I shall! I always intend to at any rate.

    1. It's busy during the Fringe, but still fun!


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