Monday, June 4, 2012

Today's the day to Speak Out!

Today in my country, many environmental and other organizations such as the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment and the Pembina Institute are acting as one in calling on our government leaders to rethink Bill C-38, a budget bill which will weaken many of our country's most important environmental protection measures and silence Canadians who seek to defend our beautiful natural heritage from over-development. So it's time to get involved. For the past week, my inbox has received a few reminders from the David Suzuki Foundation about doing my part to act for our environment by signing a petition and contacting government officials.

If you're reading this in Canada and this is the first you've heard of BlackOutSpeakOut, you can find a short list of their list of concerns here. You'll find the homepage here. If you love nature and democracy, now's your chance to prove it by getting involved. If you're not the type to endorse the political activities of environmental activist groups, why not at least write a letter to your government official and let them know that you love nature and want to see it protected? Even if you're not Canadian... our world leaders need to be reminded more often that we all depend on our environment for life!

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