Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Day for Dad

It's impossible to buy a gift for my husband when it comes to Father's Day... but we had a lovely Father's Day all the same. He helped us lead music at church, and we took a long and lovely walk as a family through our neighbourhood and across the Mill Creek Ravine to a nice coffee shoppe, where we played Hangman and drank some delicious cold drinks. After an equally lovely walk home, I gave him a haircut, and finished making Father's Day supper... which we ate out in the gazebo with the rest of my family.

It turned out to be a lovely evening, and we spent a good part of it out on the front street, watching our girls drive a little remote control Tesla convertible up and down the road, around obstacles, and in figure 8s around my sister's legs. Soon the car drove up to Lee bearing an "I love you mail service" banner, and his Father's Day card:

My girls are so fortunate to have Lee as their dad. He's been the kind of Dad who horses around with them, helps them with homework, takes an interest in their activities, attends their concerts, and peppers them with Dad-isms on a regular basis ("I guess if that's supper, we've had it," being the most regular one). He's a solid character, and best of all, he loves and is loved by their mother, which makes for a solid family life -- for which we can never be too grateful in a world where divorce is all too common. 

Last year on Father's Day, I toasted my dad (and it still all holds true!), but today, I toast my husband, who is everything a good dad can be. Lee, your girls love you... all four of us!

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