Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's nice to be missed

My dizziness just isn't quitting, so last week, when a doctor suggested I that I should rest, I took him seriously.

For four days.

I rested.

Well, sort of.

Resting can get pretty boring, believe you me. I read an entire book. I listened to the radio. I lay on my bed and snoozed a few times. I wrote a few emails and a few moodlings. I took a walk to a coffee shop with a neighbour (I still need exercise!), and she let me hold onto her for dear life. Finally, I got fed up with resting, because it didn't seem to be helping my dizziness.

So on Monday, I called my boss and asked if I could come to work on Tuesday. I suggested that I do like before, working in the morning and resting in the afternoon, and she said that if I listen to my body, she'd be okay with that. She had a few things for me to do, so I caught a ride with my dad, who was on his way to the curling rink anyway. (He's in much better shape than I am these days.)

I walked into the L'Arche Community Centre, saying hello to a few surprised colleagues, happy to see them again, and I settled at my desk. It wasn't long before Thomas made his rounds, checking, as he always does, on every one's status: who is present, who is absent, and when the absent ones can be expected. That's his favourite activity -- keeping tabs on his community, and keeping us all in the loop on every one's comings and goings.

I think he was actually surprised to see me. I was delighted to see him!

"You here today," he said.
"I am," I agreed.
"You sick?" he asked.
"Just dizzy," I told him. "Did you miss me?"
Usually when I ask that question, Thomas says, "No." But this time he actually smiled and said, "Yes."

Made my week, if not my year!

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