Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday Reflection: An almost summer psalm

This reflection brought to you by
2 Corinthians 4:18.

Your love encircles us,
O God,
but so often we don't see it.

But your passion for your people
is visible in sunbeams and rainstorms.

You surround us
with fragrant lilacs and roses,
and myriad blossoms of every colour
beyond our wildest dreams.

Your abundant new life
sings from every branch of every tree
and from the tiny peepings in birdhouses,
lifting our hearts.

The clouds display your majesty,
and the bumblebees,
your steadfastness.

Small shoots proclaim potential,
and full-blooming trees,

Golden dawns,
pink sunsets,
and starry nights
declare your artistry,
as flowing water and gentle breezes
offer your caress.

If we look not [only] at what can be seen
but at what cannot be seen,
for what can be seen is temporary,
but what cannot be seen is eternal
-- your presence in all things --
there we find your overarching love for us
in all that you have made
-- if only we choose to see it.

You are to be praised and blessed
beyond all that you have made!
When we appreciate and protect
your creation,
your blessings flow like a river.

Thank you, God, for everything!
Help us to love and appreciate all that you have made
as you do.


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