Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday Reflection: All are children of God

Image result for god's childrenThis reflection is brought to you by
Romans 8:14-17.

Holy Spirit,
because you lead us ALL,
we are ALL God's children.

We are not slaves
who are afraid of their master,
but children
of a loving God.

You give us the freedom
to call God "Abba" and "Imma"
as Jesus did.

When we use these intimate names
as children do,
we are God's little ones,
God's beloved,
with the very same inheritance
as our brother, Jesus.

This doesn't mean that our lives will be easy
but that,
even in our suffering,
you love us and are with us,
never forsaking us.

Our glory is that you bring us home to you.
Your unconditional love brings us ALL home.

What other inheritance is worth more?

Imma and Abba,
thank you
for loving us
and calling us
ALL your children.


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