Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Reflection: Repent??

This week, my friend Nora sent me the music video below -- thanks, Nora! The song has been percolating in the background of my consciousness, and it strikes me as a good fit with today's reflection.

It's unfortunate,
how our language often limits your message.

That word,
for example,
which conjures up images
of hellfire preachers
rather than your deeper message
about learning to really love.

Your word,
is so much better.


Change your heart.

Change your mind.

Change yourself.

Change the way you see others.

Change the world.

You tell us
that "the time is fulfilled,
the reign of God is near;"
"and believe in the good news,"
you say.

What good news?
we ask --
most of our "news" is not good.

But you are telling us
that this is the good news:

to see people as God sees them.

to love people as God loves them.

to look deeper than skin deep.

And suddenly,
the reign of God is NOW.

Help us,
to change our point of view,
to see the world as you do,
and to BE your good news
through the love we offer our world.


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