Sunday, May 21, 2017

All in one and one in all

It's funny how
the same piece of scripture
comes around every so often,
and each time,
I hear something different.

Today I heard Christ say
"I am in my Father/Mother,
and you in me,
and I in you"
(John 14:20).

So I imagine this:

A person within a person within a person.
God, Father and Mother, being the biggest person, of course.
And Christ and I
sharing the same outline,
within the great oneness of God.
Ultimately, all in one and one in all.
And that is what we all are.
Every person,
is one with all that is in God, 
part of God's life,
along with all the creatures
God made.
And wouldn't it be a different world
if, instead of seeing ourselves
as separate entities
that operate independently,
we could see ourselves
and all other creatures
as part of God
all the time?
of heaven.

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